Five Benefits Of Tutoring For Students

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The main features of tutoring — tailored programs, individualised support and plenty of targeted, constructive feedback — are powerful for all students.
Selina Samuels
Education Expert and HMEF personal coach since 2019

For girls from low socioeconomic circumstances, many of whom have unique challenges and are disproportionately likely to struggle with their confidence and sense of self-efficacy, personalised academic support can have particular benefits. 

Each Harding Miller scholarship includes up to $2,500 worth of personalised tutoring for core subjects every year — a feature I believe has a profound impact on a students’ ability to succeed at school. I love that each girl is given the flexibility to decide which tutor and tutoring format best suits them and their schedule, and is encouraged to explore everything from in-person sessions to a live online format.  

The right tutor, the right program and pace can elevate a young woman’s learning substantially, offering personalised support which can build confidence, increase academic outcomes and encourage a love of learning that just might stay with them for life.  

Here are the top five ways I believe tutoring can help students thrive. 

  • The classroom format is one-to-many. Tutoring is one-to-one 

Access to education in Australia is a genuine privilege. That said, class sizes are growing and many of the HMEF scholars aren’t in a position to receive individual help from family or friends outside their school environment. Tutoring gives these students individual attention to catch up or push them ahead depending on their particular needs. 

For me, tutoring is less about getting top marks than about ensuring that every student has the opportunity to learn at their own pace with a dedicated educator.  

  • Tutoring helps students build confidence and overcome hurdles

Tutoring can absolutely help to improve academic achievement, however a more fundamental purpose is to bolster each child’s confidence and deepen their enjoyment of school so that they become engaged in the process of learning…well into adulthood.  

Tutoring gives HMEF scholars the opportunity to focus on the areas they feel they need the most help with, ask their tutor as many questions as they need, and ultimately help them to see that, actually, they can do it

  • Tutoring fills knowledge gaps

Many recipients come from a range of backgrounds and abilities, but I’ve seen first hand that all show wonderful potential. Some students have missed periods of school for various reasons while others have worked to overcome different barriers. Tutoring provides an opportunity for girls to focus on areas in which they might be struggling, ensuring they can keep pace with their classmates. 

  • Tutoring can be tailored to a range of needs and schedules

Some girls work up to thirty hours per week supporting or supplementing their household income. Others live in quite remote areas or have family commitments. Tutoring is about understanding the individual needs of each student and finding a time that suits their schedule and routine. 

I love that Harding Miller partners with a variety of providers, from online tutors to in-person help, to ensure they can meet the needs of their recipients. 

  • Tutoring gives girls access to a learning partner who isn’t a parent or teacher

It’s not always easy for students (especially the teenage variety) to speak up or ask questions in class or at home. Tutoring offers a dedicated person who goes at the pace of each student. The one-to-one nature of sessions also offers them the freedom to ask “silly” questions or express themselves away from their peers or family members. 


Cluey Learning provides online tutoring options across three core subjects: Maths, English and Chemistry. The currently provide personalised online tutoring to 23 HMEF that their scholarships pay for.
Since 2019 they have donated funds to support two HMEF scholars in NSW with full scholarships across the four years of the program.  One of their scholars is Lily Masters who Selina presented with her scholarship award in 2019 at the Sydney Town Hall.
Selina is also a personalise coach to two HMEF scholars.
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