Make a bequest

Together we can change lives

Leave a lifelong legacy through an education bequest

At the Harding Miller Education Foundation we know that donors give with their heart, as well as wanting their contribution to make a difference. Targeted giving to organisations that aim to achieve better outcomes for women and girls is a growing focus for philanthropists. 

A bequest is the most altruistic of gifts and those choosing to give often have a sense of gratitude for their own success and want to give others the same opportunity.

‘I’m often asked why a person should leave a bequest,’ says Cara Varian, Executive Director of the HMEF. ‘I always say they can be assured that their bequest will give disadvantaged Australian girls the opportunities they need to fully participate in their education.  What could be more satisfying than helping to create a better future for a young women?’

Bequests make a difference

The HMEF has identified the need for donations in the form of bequests to continue to assist the educational advancement of young women with potential and commitment. Surveys for the report Philanthropy and philanthropists. Giving Australia 2016 indicate that donors are aware of international trends showing targeting as a well-evidenced strategy for achieving increased impact in addressing social and economic disadvantage.

Donations go to the scholarship recipients

‘The Harding Miller Education Foundation ensures that all donations are 100% directed to the girls who secure a scholarship,’ says Cara Varian, Executive Director of the Foundation. ‘Founders Kim Harding and Irene Miller cover all administration expenses, so all other donations directly benefit the young women and girls. Donors can be assured that their gift is used only for the scholarship program, not for administration costs.’

“The Foundation has a long-term goal to support 8,000 scholarships for girls in public schools across Australia within the next two decades.”

Successful outcomes for scholarship recipients

‘We have awarded around 1,000 scholarships since 2016 and it is heartwarming to see how much they have progressed and how much they appreciate the assistance the scholarships have given them.’

Cara advocates that disadvantage can be overcome through education that empowers young women with learning opportunities that can change their lives.

Education is an investment in the future

‘It’s an investment in the future of students and the quality of their education that is a meaningful way to recognise your own connection to education and success.

‘We believe that successful learning is enabled with practical support through coaching and resources that help them develop the skills and confidence they need to keep learning.’

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