HMEF Coaching And What It’s All About

Together we can change lives

Being a HMEF coach, what is it all about?

The main purpose of a Harding Miller Coach is to support and encourage the girls to do their best at school and to maximise the opportunities of their HMEF scholarship.

Coaches show an interest and check in regularly with their girls in order to build a comfortable rapport over time.

Not only do coaches help the girls explore experiences that enhance further tertiary education but they act as a general advocate of education in a scholarship recipient’s life.

Caroline Hill, the HMEF Scholarship Program Manager, recently came across a story on the Humans of New York Facebook page. It relates  to a girl and the relationship she had with one of her teachers but it made her think of Harding Miller and the role our coaches play.

” ….it made me feel special that she would take an interest in me ….. she’d ask if I was doing my homework. She’d make sure I was completing my graduation requirements. Mrs Mahfood is the reason I went to college”.

Please visit this page of our website to enquire about becoming a coach with Harding Miller and watch the below video to learn more about the program and hear from our coaches.

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